Also known as 'Test Anxiety', being nervous about an upcoming exam, certification or test can affect whether you pass or not. The good news is that when you 'think' differently about this event, you can pass! 
 We have helped students, nurses & doctors, police officers & state troopers, firefighters, and law students preparing for the bar exam. Many professors at Massachusetts School of Law refer their students to Valley Hypnosis.
 You still have to do the homework and studying but just by changing your attitude and expectations, YOU CAN PASS!  

some comments from our clients:

I PASSED THE BAR EXAM!!! Thank you for helping me to relax, focus and strengthen my self confidence in allowing me to successfully retake the Bar Examination this past February. During the Exam I was better able to concentrate and maintain a level of confidence and calm and utilized the hand techniques - "calm, relaxed and confident.., stress cannot get in..." - throughout the two days. I was still nervous, but with a much reduced level of anxiety and a greater amount of confidence that I have ever before experienced.

Very truly yours,

Jennifer A. Doherty, Esquire
Andover, MA.*

Your methods and practices helped me immensely. Not only were the individual sessions valuable, but the hypnosis recording, tailored especially to me, helped me to relax and sleep soundly during the final weeks of preparation. I walked into the exam prepared, confident and excited to show how much I knew!

Julie Aziz, Esquire
Haverhill, MA.*

I can now say without a doubt that hypnosis was probably one of the best things I could have ever done to prepare for this exam. It helped me to stay focused all the way through.

Michael R. Croteau
Litchfield, NH.*

Thank you for all your help. You changed my life.
Miryam E. Cissero, Attorney At Law
Boston, MA.*

On July 3rd I will officially become an Assistant District Attorney - my career goal that was delayed until now!

Jennifer A. Doherty, Esquire
Andover, MA.*

I can not thank you enough for the relaxation tips and suggestions! Thank you again for all your help!
Corrine A. Boni
Hamden, CT.*

As a repeater of the exam. I felt that passing was an impossible proposition. With your assistance I was able to relax, concentrate and attack the exam with confidence.

David J. Haynes, Esq.
Bedford, NH.*

But, alas, my goal has been realized and I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to develop my confidence enough to do so.

Jaynes Costello Goode, Esquire
Waltham, MA.*

*Note: Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person. 
No individual results should been seen as typical.